Who is Leroy?

The Leroy Lettering System was a controlled lettering system developed by the Keuffel and Esser Corporation which uses a pantograph for mechanical technical lettering. The first pantograph was constructed in 1603, and they were originally used in the drafting field for copying and scaling line drawings.  I discovered “Leroy” at a flea market in Syracuse, New York in January 2014.  He has since brought great joy to creating simple and beautiful letters and handmade note cards to be sent to friends and loved ones!


My name is Michelle (aka Leroy), and I’m a wildlife biologist.  Some of my favorite things in life are going to the farmer’s market, listening to my local NPR station, spending time outside in our garden, and making better food than you could find at typical restaurant.  I love cooking and reading and knitting, and generally anything that you can make at home from scratch, I want to try to do.

Evan (aka Paul) is my partner in crime and my best friend.  He plays music, paints, eats good food, and spends time outside in the garden with me.  I love listening to  him play music, enjoy his paintings, cooking him delicious meals, and spending time outside in the garden with him.  It works well.

We both really love learning and trying new things.  We don’t always succeed, but we always try!  That’s what this blog is really about.  Our adventures and experiments in a homemade life.


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