Learning is Always Winning (But Sometimes it Feels Like Failure)

I realized this morning that it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything… Not because I haven’t really wanted to, but I suppose it’s because we’ve been busy, and sometimes it’s hard to regurgitate the moment back out immediately.  I think that’s called learning?

Anyway, we’re always posting about how this-thing or that-thing worked and was totally amazing, right?  Well, sometimes things don’t always work out as planned… And I think that’s the point of all of this (the blog, the farm, life).  We’re learning and living and loving all at the same time.  When we “fail” it’s really not so bad because we learned what is not possible and probably have some new ideas for what might work better.  Life is just a big experiment at Earl’s Acres!

Honey Collage

So our bees went crazy at the end of the summer, and we finally reached the point where we could start extracting honey.  We only have 2 hives, and it seemed a little silly to buy an extractor. Also, we feel like we’re pretty handy so building one didn’t seem impossible. We researched homemade extractors, modified a few plans, and built one out of some welded-wire mesh and a paint mixer.  Sounds like it would work like a charm, right (sarcasm)?  A giant, seriously sticky, sweet mess on the other side, still landed us 16 lbs of golden honey!  And a plan to figure out a new method for next season…

Canoe Repair

Last season, we found this great canoe on Craigslist for really cheap.  It was fiberglass, the guy said it had no leaks but that there were some “thin spots.”  He gave us a can of Bondo that he’d used to patch some holes and we were off…  Of course, there were leaks the first time it went into the water.  We did a little research on fiberglass repair, patched some holes, Bondo-ed the surface, sanded it down and took it out for a test ride.  No leaks!  So we grabbed a can of paint from the barn, painted it red, and called it a success!

And then we took it back out for a post-paint, shiny new ride down at Labrador Hollow on a beautiful evening after work.  After just ONE TRIP the paint is scratching, peeling off, and looks like a mess. Then it dawned on me… We probably should have used some kind of special marine paint for this job.

Oh well.  In the end, the canoe doesn’t leak, the honey is delicious, and life will never be perfect.  But we can smile and laugh about it today because we know that we can try again tomorrow!