Banjo Freaks Fall in Love

Seriously.  It doesn’t get better than this.


Leroy Bakes Cookies?

cookies2Those of you who know me are shocked right now.  I don’t bake.  There’s no freedom in baking.  You’re stuck to a recipe where you are required to measure each ingredient precisely, use the ingredients at specific temperatures, and if you attempt to deviate, well, it’s probably going to end up a horrible disaster. It’s like working in a chemistry lab, and I don’t like to follow the rules or color inside the lines or go the speed limit or measure anything.  When I find a recipe that I want to try, I’m always like, “Well, that sounds like a great idea, so let’s do it my way instead!”

I guess chef-ing it up in the kitchen is my way of pretending to be a rebel.

Emily and I have had a huge amount of help from some wonderful people this summer.  Everyone has been super supportive and kind while we run around like chickens-with-our-heads-cut-off trying to catch a million plover chicks across the entire south Jersey coast.  I felt that they deserved an appropriate “Thank You,” and I tried my hand at baking some oowy-gooey chocolate chip cookies to show our appreciation.

Because it was so important for me to get it right, I followed each direction word-for-word (except when I accidentally added the salt to the flour container, oops!).  And guess what? They turned out amazing.

I used the Cook’s Country Cookbook recipe for Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.