Honey Bees Please

As previously alluded to by Leroy, the wait is no longer… I (Paul) am still alive!


I have been doing my best here at Earl’s Acres to keep our beloved beings and abode in a thriving state, but I will be the first to admit that I miss Leroy… but she is off being a badass saving the world; so, woe is me. Some things are getting a bit out of hand… but, the cup runneth over.


That being said, Leroy and Muelsa did a fantastic job tilling up the garden before she flew.

Muesla? Who is Muelsa? That is not important, but the three of us did get to release a series of recordings before Leroy flew:

IMG_1767IMG_1768Unfortunately, this was a limited release of 1.

We planted the arugala, spinach, kale, chard, carrots, and onions… along with getting the “fence” up.

IMG_1820That was a really great feeling… you know, while spring lasted…

IMG_1809We got a couple more inches of snow, as you can see. That has since melted, though, so things are looking up.

I got to install the nuc of honeybees yesterday too, that was a first. It was quite the experience!




This is where I apologize now for not posting a recipe…

Take care, until next time!



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