Yoga Challenge: Tripod Headstand to Crow

For me, the practice of yoga has become so much more than asana (postures).  My mat allows me the opportunity to challenge myself into trying something new.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.  Sometimes I give up an try again in a few months.  For me, it really does create a metaphor for life.  My yoga mat provides a place for me to take out my frustrations, to celebrate my successes, to come to grips with my failures, and to feel confident in my mental, physical, and emotional capabilities.  For me, yoga does not simply focus on the physical but helps create a mental space for dealing with everyday situations. 

These mini-challenges are something that I look forward to each day.  Right now, I’m working on the transition from tripod headstand into bent arm crow.  Check out how flawlessly this woman demonstrates it!  I’ll let you know when I finally make it there!


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